Akshaya Patra

Industry Connect Program

Explore the impactful journey of Akshaya Patra and join us to understand their innovative approach towards feeding millions of children.

Price: ₹750
Last Date to Register: 28th November 2023
Assisted by
Allugari Sreeshma Sree
Initiative by
DR Mounika Reddy
M.Sc, Ph.D(O.U.)

Industry Connect Program

By participating in our program, students willengage in practical learning by witnessing how Akshaya Patra is addressinghunger for all ages with their programs. The program offers the following:
Experience the processoptimization in food for high production.
Gain firsthand knowledge of thefoundation's efficient and sustainable operations.
Explore their state-of-the-artkitchens and witness the large-scale meal preparation process.
Inventory management and controlon a daily, weekly and monthly basis for continuous food production and limitedto no wastage.

Why join this program?

✦ Social Impact:

Experience the profound social impact of Akshaya Patra's mission to eradicate hunger and promote education. Witness the scale and efficiency of their food distribution program, providing nutritious meals to millions of children in need.
✦ Sustainable Practices:  

Discover their innovative solutions for reducing food waste, optimizing resources, and promoting environmental sustainability.
✦ Community Engagement:

Interact with volunteers, staff, and beneficiaries to gain insights into their inspiring stories and the transformative power of education through nourishment.
✦ Leadership and Management:  

Explore the organizational aspects of Akshaya Patra's large-scale operation. Learn about their strategic planning, efficient logistics, and effective management systems that enable them to reach millions of children every day. Gain valuable insights into leadership and social entrepreneurship in the non-profit sector.
Tentative date for the visit: Tentative date for the visit: Tentative companies that you will visit: Tata Water Plus + Kwality Photonics, (or) Bisleri + CosmoCans.

11th, 12th, or 13th December ‘2023

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Benefits of this Industry Connect Program

Gain Practical Exposure
Practical exposure is crucial for students as it bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application.
Pre-and-Post Sessions
For an in-depth familiarity of the visiting company/industry, our industry coaches curate a pre and post-session, so that candidates can make the most out of their industrial immersion experience.
Industry Coach & Learning Kit
Acumen Connects professionals create a fun learning environment, imparting valuable knowledge. They maintain a 1:25 student-to-industry coach ratio. Learning kit is provided a day before the visit and worksheets on day of the visit.
Memorable commute
To-n-fro journeys will be completely taken care of by us, to ensure that students have fun, memorable and a refreshing experience.
Refresh and Refuel
We understand that sometimes interactive & engaging visits can tire down our students. To supplement them with their energies, we provide them with scrumptious executive meals to keep them going throughout the day.
After the visit, you will receive a case study. Upon completion of the case study, you'll earn a personalized completion certificate to share with your prospective employers and your professional network.
Akshaya Patra
Industry Connect Program


Hear our stories, and get involved
Sanjay Fedrick
Carlton business school

Acumen Connect has always served us a perfect educational experience in a more fun and practical way. I have also observed constant improvements based on the feedback provided by educators. Acumen’s concerns about constantly delivering a good product are legitimate.

Dr. Mahnoor Sahrash
St. Francis college for women
HOD of BMS department

Acumen Connect helped us in acquiring hands-on experience through Industry visits to the renowned companies in the sectors of our choice. We got an opportunity to visit Universal Constructions Company & Sakaal Printing Press as a part of Acumen’s eduventure program which lasted for 5 days in Pune & Lonavala and was exceptionally organized from A to Z. Being a veteran on most industrial tours, this has been a momentous trip for our students and me. This is a shout-out to Acumen, awaiting for more Industry Connect Programs & Eduventures.

St. Francis College for Women

Honestly, words wouldn't suffice for me to describe the Outstationed Industry Visit. Super thankful to all of you for curating a zing zing amazing experience for us. The industry visits were hands down the most fascinating and had kept us overwhelmed and our quest for learning alive, all throughout. Looking forward to more such mind-boggling experiences :")